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373 Tina V. California I support him because he has so much experience, and has taught me so much about politics in the short time I was taught about him and San Diego State University. I feel like I can trust him he speaks the truth when there’s so much crazy.
372 Armen D. CA
371 Robbin P. New Jersey Because he has the experience, intelligence, knowledge, motivation and passion to turn this dreadful economy around and he'll get the d*mn job done! #RunRobertRun #2020
370 Connor B. CA
369 Burt C. CA
368 Luke H. CA I agree with his views on the current economic divide in this country.
367 Ryan C. CA As a student of economics and a citizen activist, I have so much respect and admiration for Robert Reich: not only is he a brilliant thinker and charismatic orator, he has a wealth of experience working to make our government more participatory and representative and our economy more just. Sensible, compassionate, and compelling: we need a voice like his representing the citizens of California.
366 Nathan P. CA Robert, please help us take back our democracy.
365 Michael S. TX Integrity, intelligence, pro income-fairness
364 Basil D. California
363 Hilary G. CA
362 LYN Davis G. CA He’s honest, experienced and the only candidate who might beat the aged Dianne Feinstein .
361 alejandro s. CA
360 Nancy H. CA
359 Graham C. California
358 Michael D. CA Because he is a credible, andpopular public figure with knowledge, courage, and experience. Now is the time to join the Senate Mr.Reich.
357 Jacob C. DC
356 Robin R. NC
355 Shelley L. CA You are the voice of reason, intelligence, logic, compassion, humanity.
354 john l. California
353 Dieter G. CA he seems to be one of the view of seeing our current situation with clarity
352 Liz S. CA
351 Alan W. CA
350 Shawn O. CA
349 Alexander H. CA
348 Danielle G. CA Robert Reich encapsulates my views on so many topics. He would make a great senator.
347 Jason G. CA No one is more qualified. Please run.
346 Andrew C. CA
345 Ron B. California
344 Leo A. Indiana
343 Craig G. IL Articulate activism
342 Ryan M. IL We need bold Bernie Sanders style progressives in the US Senate.
341 Sherry L. West Virginia
340 Robert L. CA
339 Amar S. California
338 Debra G. Ca I support Secretary Reich because he has demonstrated that he stands with the 90%
337 Anthony R. California (CA) I endorse Robert Reich for U.S. Senate because he has a distinguished career in public service and has been on the right side of many major issues facing our communities in poverty.
336 Kevin T. FL His intellect amd ability to change minda about the way our economy and government run. #IntellectualsForCongress
335 Aidan S. CA
334 Esha K. CA Because of his smart ideas on the economy. HE is just very good.
333 Jason S. CA I support having a wide field of primary challengers, and Reich is the best candidate of those mentioned so far. Also, we need more economists in office who are able to debunk popular misconceptions.
332 Eric J. MN Single Payer
331 Bryan H. CA
330 Rachel R. IN He is an educator, that is what we need right now. That what made Sen. Warren and Sen. Sanders stand out, they inspired people because then the people had information to go and share with others.
329 Jon B. Pennsylvania
328 Peter I. NY He is honest, knowledgeable, and a great communicator.
327 Ricardo S. CA
326 Laura B. MA Because he's great, also because if Feinstein's voting record.
325 Eduardo O. MA
324 Zackary R. NY Ive supported the Sec and his theories for years now. We need the kind of bold leadership Sec Reich can provide.

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