Draft Robert is not affiliated with a group, a party or any specific movement. You won't recognize our faces from MSNBC, nor remember our bylines in Washington Post. We don't have an office on K-Street (or anywhere!) and we don't have a billionaire sugar-daddy financing us and pulling our strings.

It also must be said: This is not a covert campaign by Sec. Reich and it is not about Robert Reich's ambition. This is about we the people of California, and America, working to recruit the best candidate for the job.

We're grassroots activists who think it's time a deep blue state had a deep blue senator representing us in DC. Reich has an unimpeachable resume to serve his state in the Senate, and has been a tireless advocate for working class Americans. We hope to re-create the grassroots energy that swept Elizabeth Warren off the campus and into the Senate, fighting for all Americans.

A hat tip to Philip Storch who planted the bug in our ear. "Of course!” we thought. “That's a great idea!" And we weren't the only ones!

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